Microsoft expands Office integration with third-party apps

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So far, Microsoft's Build 2015 keynote has mostly been focused on the tools available for developers. But the company just made an announcement that's beneficial to its core consumer base. Rob Lefferts, GM of the Office Extensibility, took the stage to reveal that the Office productivity suite will be further integrated with third-party applications and services. With Uber in Outlook, for example, you can click on a button and quickly catch a ride to your next appointment, all without having to manually enter a destination address -- it does this automatically by grabbing data from your email accounts.

Another "add-in" mentioned was PicHit, a webstore that sells photos, which users can now easily access within PowerPoint. You can expect more of these soon too, especially with Microsoft making a huge push toward opening up its platforms to developers. Lastly, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also took this opportunity to briefly talk about Skype's web API, highlighting its ability to bring voice and video chats to any site.

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