Waze will tweet if there's unusual traffic in your area

Unless you live in California, it's not that often that you make an effort to specifically check the traffic conditions for your morning commute. That's probably because you'll be spending a big chunk of your time with your face buried in Twitter instead. That's why Waze thought it'd be a good idea to launch a traffic alerts program on the social network, called Unusual Traffic. The system compares current journey times with historical data and, when there's a noticeable difference, will send a tweet letting you know.

The company has set up more than 50 different accounts, each one focusing on a specific metro area, including Atlanta, London and Buenos Aires. If there's more information available like a faster alternative route or the cause of the blockage, then that information will also be included. That way, all you'll have to do is favorite that specific account to make sure you never get stuck in traffic again, except all of the times that you do, obviously.