Windows 10 'on track' for summer on PCs, other platforms come later

We still don't have an official release date for Windows 10, but Microsoft maintains it's on track for release this summer. That's according to Joe Belfiore, its corporate vice president of operating systems, who spoke to media earlier today. You'll have to wait a bit longer to get Windows 10 on your phone and Xbox, though. Belfiore noted that bringing the new OS to PCs is Microsoft's main focus at the moment, but we'll likely see it hit those other platforms in the fall. He also included HoloLens among his list of other Windows 10 platforms, which could be a hint that we'll actually see it this fall. Or maybe that's just very wishful thinking.

Windows 10 also won't have all of the features we've heard about when it finally hits PCs, Belfiore added. For example, we likely won't be seeing any Win32 desktop apps in the Windows Store at launch. While slightly disappointing, that's something we'll probably have to get used to. Microsoft is playing with the notion of "Windows as a service," which means it's never quite done. Sure, that's not very different from how OS updates have worked in the past, but now it seems Microsoft is being a lot more flexible about how it's building Windows.

"Our intent is to make this [Windows 10] the largest single developer platform that developers can target," Belfiore said. So it's no wonder Microsoft laid out an ambitious goal of bringing Windows 10 to a billion devices in the next few years.

[Photo credit: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson]