To keep a Boeing Dreamliner flying, reboot once every 248 days

Boeing 787 9

The 787 Dreamliner has been plagued with battery woes since its early days, to the point where the Federal Aviation Administration kept it from flying the skies in the past. And while those technical difficulties are apparently taken care of, Boeing's flagship airliner could be on the way to more trouble soon. According to the FAA, there's a software bug in the 787 Dreamliner that can cause its electrical system to fail and, as a result, lead to "loss of control" of the plane. But why? The FAA says this is triggered by the aircraft's electrical generators, which could give out if they have been powered on continuously for over eight months.

"A Model 787 airplane that has been powered continuously for 248 days can lose all alternating current electrical power due to the generator control units simultaneously going into failsafe mode," the FAA said in a statement warning of the flaw. "We are issuing this AD to prevent loss of all AC electrical power, which could result in loss of control of the airplane." Boeing, for its part, is aware of the problem and has reset the power on 787 Dreamliners currently in service. Most importantly, the company's already working on an update that will patch the software vulnerability -- though there's no word on when its jets will receive it.

[Image credit: Associated Press]