Sharing app Droplr wants to woo you back with a 'free' tier

In case you dropped Droplr when the sharing app went from free to paid-only the company has a plan to potentially woo you back. How's that? It's going freemium starting tomorrow. Links and files you spread around with the free plan will have a week-long lifespan before evaporating. Should you want any long-term storage or whatnot, TechCrunch reports that you'll have to shell out basically double the price from before for Droplr Pro: $9.99 per month now versus the previous $4.99 action. Refreshed iOS and Mac apps are en route as well and the outfit has a few promotions going on to help take the sting out of the increased monthly price.

For starters there's a referral program that'll get you a $10 credit for a friend signing up, and it's applicable to either a monthly or yearly subscription. And speaking of the latter, by upgrading to an annual plan via an in-app purchase on iOS you can save 40 percent off your subscription through June 5th. If you need a quick, free sharing system and aren't worried about permanent storage or links, Droplr's free tier could be for you -- especially if Jing or Skitch aren't doing it for you currently.