Android developers will get to experiment with app prices

When you make a mobile app, you usually have to find out the hard way what will sell. You can't fiddle with pricing for just a few people, for instance. All that could change very shortly in the Android world, however. Sources for The Information claim that Google is introducing a feature that lets Android developers try different versions of the same Google Play Store page. You could not only see different previews of the app, but different pricing -- the creator could charge you $2 for that hot new game, but ask $3 from others to see if they'll accept higher pricing.

The move could be slightly frustrating if you realize that you just paid more than someone else for the same title, but it could go a long way toward encouraging Android developers to stay aboard. They'd find out if they're charging a fair price, and whether or not their marketing is effective in a given country. Google hasn't confirmed that it's going this route, but you may discover the truth soon enough given that the search firm is reportedly announcing the feature at its I/O conference later this month.