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BT's new home phone is as smart as your Android mobile

Now that smartphones have become personal companions, landline usage has understandably dropped. BT launched an Android-powered home phone, complete with smart call-blocking features and apps, in an attempt to lure people back, but because it only offered downloads via Opera's app store, choice was severely limited. With the BT Home SmartPhone S II, it appears the company has learned from its mistakes. It's partnered with Google to offer access to the Play Store, while Facebook, Twitter and BT Sport apps are already bundled. It means that you'll be able to watch Premier League football if the main TV is out of action, but also download your favourite apps and games -- as long as you're connected to WiFi. At £169.99, BT's Home SmartPhone S II is a little more expensive than Motorola's current-generation Moto G, meaning you really must be intent on making the most of your landline for this handset to make any fiscal sense.