'Goat Simulator' is getting a ridiculous zombie survival add-on

Goat Simulator's offbeat, endearingly glitchy gameplay is about to invade yet another genre: zombie survival. Meet GoatZ, a not-so-subtle jab at DayZ and other titles where you spend as much time scrounging for supplies as you do fighting off the undead. Coffee Stain Studios' add-on is just as nuts as you'd expect (pink crossbows, anyone?), and is almost too on-point with its send-ups. It has "as many bugs" as other survival titles, and there's a "completely realistic" mode where you eat every few minutes -- because that's what you do in these sorts of games, isn't it? If that sounds at once hilarious and all too familiar, you'll be glad to hear that GoatZ will be available for $5 on Steam as of May 7th, with mobile versions also on the way.