Uber quits Kansas after a bill makes its ridesharing 'impossible'

If you rely on Uber to get around Kansas, you'll have to find an alternative in short order. The ridesharing firm has ended service in the state after legislators overturned the Governor's veto on SB 117, a bill that tightens restrictions on Uber and similar app-based transportation networks. The stricter insurance requirements in the bill supposedly make it "impossible" for the company to do business. To no one's surprise, Uber is hopping mad -- it insist that the move hurts the availability of safe rides, denies job opportunities and makes Kansas regulation look "backward."

The company is hopeful that it'll return one day, although it's not saying how that might happen. Its chances aren't all that hot at the moment. While Kansas might not look good as the only state to (effectively) kick out Uber, any change of heart would require new legislation or a big concession on Uber's part, neither of which is likely in the current political climate.

[Image credit: Getty Images]