Comcast's 4K set-top box is coming later this year

Comcast is going 4K in a big way this year. The much-hated cable giant just announced that it'll be rolling out a new version of its Xfinity X1 set top box later this year that will bring 4K programming to even more of its customers. So far, Comcast has only made its Xfinity 4K offering available to Samsung 4K TVs. Comcast is calling its new set-top box the Xi4, and while we don't have any pictures of it yet, it will likely resemble the company's existing X1 box (above). Come 2016, Comcast also plans to launch another version of the box that supports high dynamic range video, which should deliver some much needed contrast and color improvements. You can expect "hundreds" of 4K titles on Comcast's UHD service later this year, including nature programming like Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia, as well as full seasons of shows from SyFy, USA and Starz like Defiance and Outlander.

[Photo credit: Steve Garfield/Flickr]