Tweet a pizza emoji and Domino's will send you a real one

Ordering your go-to Domino's pizza just got a little easier -- yes, even more so than using your XBox One or Pebble smartwatch. The restaurant chain announced Tuesday that its customers will soon be able to order their preferred pie with nary more than a tweet and an emoji. No, seriously. First you'll need to have an online Domino's Pizza Profile and designate an "Easy Order" pizza. Next, add your Twitter handle to your account and simply tweet #EasyOrder to @Dominos. Or, if that's too many keystrokes for you liking, simply insert the pizza emoji into your tweet instead. Either way, you'll soon get a direct message confirming the order and a piping-hot pizza shortly thereafter. You can give #EasyOrder a whirl today, though unfortunately the emoji method won't to be available until next Wednesday, May 20th.