JXE Streams: Roll7 explains the guns and bunnies in 'Not a Hero'

Just over a month ago, Roll7 stopped by JXE Streams to laugh at us as we repeatedly wiped out grinding rails in skateboarding game OlliOlli 2. Now the studio is coming back on the show to mock us for lacking an entirely different set of skills. We're just not that good at jumping through windows and shooting thugs under the orders of a maniacal bunny man from the future who happens to be running for mayor. Yes, that is really what Not a Hero is about and we'll be playing it with the game's creators starting at 3:30PM ET.

Tune into, or right here in this post at 3:30PM ET for a solid 90 minutes of Not a Hero's insane action. John Ribbins, Simon Bennet and Tom Hegarty of Roll7 will be joining us via Skype to talk about their new game and to guide us in the ways of its insane world.

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[We're playing Not a Hero on PC streamed through OBS at 720p.]