FOMO in the digital age

We've all been there. You sit slack-jawed swiping and swiping past dozens of movies you've seen/want to see/added to your queue all in the hopes of selecting one to watch. But that doesn't happen. Your friend is late to meet you at the bar, so you swipe and swipe and swipe down your Twitter and Facebook feeds to refresh and stop to open a new video link every now and then, pausing only to look up and remember which world's the real one. You're on line at Walgreens and people ahead of you are taking their sweet time and talking over their purchases and you don't even care because Amy Schumer just released a new video and the only thing that matters is that you've watched it all before it's your turn at the checkout. And it's nighttime and you're in bed, but you can't sleep because the FOMO is real and what if something's happened and people are talking about it. So you take out your phone from under your pillow and its cool glow illuminates the dark of your room and now everything's okay because you're swiping. You're swiping and watching.

This boy is you.

[Image credit: Ornana]