This app reminds you to drunkenly buy stuff at 2 am

The best kind of Amazon deliveries are often the ones you were too drunk to remember ordering. And with the help of the Drunk Shopping app, you'll never miss another opportunity to do so...just as long as that opportunity occurs at 2am on a Saturday night. Developed by the same guy that brought us Troll The NSA and, Drunk Shopping isn't an app in the traditional sense; it's really more of a service.

Users simply text "heyyyyyy" to 551-333-7865 to sign up for the service. Please note that's six Y's, the requisite number to indicate you're about to make multiple bad decisions in rapid succession. Once you do sign up, Drunk Shopping will text you every Saturday night at 2 am (technically, that's Sunday morning) with another ludicrous item to purchase. it will even help motivate you to pull out your credit card with some gentle text-based encouragement. However, you're on your own when it comes time to return the products.

[Image Credit: David Jones/PA WIRE]