Basis' fitness tracker now comes in titanium, talks to other health apps

As useful as the Basis Peak may be for tracking your fitness, your data has largely been trapped so far -- you couldn't see it outside of Basis' own apps. However, you'll be glad to hear that things are loosening up. An app update rolling out to the Peak today will share the wristwear's activity data with either Apple's Health app or Google Fit, so you get a more complete picture of your health. If you only strap on your Peak when you're running, for instance, you can still merge its info with the walking data your phone collects. It'll also open a "Playground" for testing app features (such as an activity map and a Photo Finish selfie recorder) before they're available to everyone elseShould that not be enough, there's a firmware update coming on May 20th that will add a stopwatch and improve heart rate monitoring.

On top of all this, Basis is ritzing up the Peak with a few new material options. The $300 Titanium Edition (above) swaps the usual aluminum case for its namesake nicer-looking metal, and gives you a cognac-hued leather strap in addition to the usual silicone. Whatever case you prefer, you can also get separate $50 leather straps in black, caramel, gray, light pink and tan. It's doubtful that your sporty wearable will suddenly become chic, but it'll at least look more appropriate when you're dressed for the office.