Chrome adds MIDI support for browser-based music composition

Let's say you went all out for Rock Band 3 and bought a MIDI drum kit and the game's keyboard peripheral, haven't used them since, but hate to put that stuff on Craigslist. With the new Chrome update you can use 'em to make beautiful music in your web browser with the Web MIDI API. As VentureBeat notes, this means that websites can access digital instruments and you'll be able to compose tunes without needing any special software. Most (possibly all) of the musical browser experiments we've seen thus far rely on your computer's keyboard to create audio -- like Typedrummer, for instance -- so this should make things pretty easy for folks more accustomed to traditional instruments. Oh, and as previously reported, support to bring legacy websites into the HTTPS fold are in place as well.

[Image credit: stshank/Flickr]