Sweden's 'dream home' crowdsourced from 200 million web searches

If you adore box-like, red houses with open kitchens and around 1,200 square feet of space, guess what! You're an average Swede, apparently. Real estate site Hemnet and architects Tham & Videgård came up with the design by crowdsourcing preferences for size, number of rooms and floors, using 200 million clicks on 86,000 properties. "The result is partly a mathematical translation of the statistical 1.5 floors within a cubic volume," according to the team. The home makes the open kitchen the focal point of the house, highlighting its social importance to Swedes.

It also features a terrace within the cube to provide a sunny, yet protected area, along with a curved wooden facade in falu red, a traditional color. So what does it all mean? The architect said the home integrates local hand-crafted building tradition, the "gingerbread" falun cottage and the "functionalist box" style appreciated in Scandanavia. It certainly screams "Swedish house," which is only natural since it was, in effect, designed by two million of the nation's citizens. And the best part? Hemnet plans to actually build it at an estimated price of around 2.8 million kronar ($415,000) putting it within reach of anyone who wants to be a quintessential Swede.