This smartwatch doubles as a wearable wireless storage

ReVault looks just like any ordinary smartwatch, but its main feature's quite different from others in the category: it has wireless local storage you can access like a private cloud. According to its Indiegogo page, the storage is accessible from your phones, tablets or laptops using an app (like Dropbox and other cloud services) that works on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and even Linux. You can even program a trusted device to auto-sync every time you save new images or download files -- anything you store will be encrypted, and you can also set up a password and two-factor authentication for added security. The watch connects to those devices via WiFi and Bluetooth, and since it can make its own WiFi network, you can upload files even without internet connection.

Here's another nice touch: In case you're not really attracted to smartwatches (and you're not alone there), you can use the converter it comes with to turn it into a necklace or a keychain. Plus, you can choose among quite a few watchfaces if the default one doesn't do it for you. You can get a 32GB or a 128GB ReVault if you pledge at least $169 on Indiegogo, but like every other crowdfunding project, it'll ship out (in January 2016) only if it reaches its goal. Note that if it does, you'll still have to buy a separate Qi wireless charger if you want to use the watch beyond its initial three-day battery life.