Firefox will look at your history to show Suggested Tile ads

Starting next week, Firefox beta users will start seeing "Suggested" tiles whenever they open a new tab. These are ad tiles clearly marked as such (see bottom left above), which are a separate entity from the Directory tiles Mozilla launched in 2014. See, Directory tiles are randomly selected ads that appear in your new tab if you've just installed or reinstalled the Firefox browser. Suggested tiles, on the other hand, are based on your browser history. Yep, the program will look at what you've been visiting online to deliver relevant ads -- in these codes that TechCrunch found, for instance, you'll see that visiting Engadget tells Firefox that you're interested in technology.

The non-profit swears it won't peek at your personal data or third-party info, and that you'll be able to switch the feature off whenever you want. If the beta testing does well, the program will make its way to stable Firefox browsers later in the summer. Since Directory tiles are also slated for a wider release, you'll likely see more than one type of tile ad before the year ends.