JXE Streams: going Jurassic with 'theHunter: Primal'

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How long would you last on an island full of dinosaurs when you've nothing but a rusty machete and the clothes on your back? That's the question theHunter: Primal poses. It's also my absolute childhood fantasy. You start the game with essentially nothing and need to find your way around a paradisical atoll full of thunderlizards that'd rather eat you than sing songs about the alphabet. We'll be joined by folks from Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max) so they can help guide me around the island and hopefully aid in uncovering the secrets of raptor-whispering. Oh! and we'll be giving away download codes for the PC game as well; get your haikus ready.

Starting at 3:30PM ET on Twitch.tv/Joystiq, Engadget.com/gaming and right here in this post, we'll be streaming a whole heap of theHunter: Primal. At 4PM ET, we'll have the designers Björn Öjlert and Pär Kamfjord from Avalanche Studios on to talk about the game and answer your questions about the team.

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JXE Streams: 'TheHunted: Primal'
JXE Streams: 'TheHunted: Primal'

[We're playing theHunter: Primal on PC streamed at 720p through OBS.]