It's now easier to buy stuff from YouTube video ads, huzzah?

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It's now easier to buy stuff from YouTube video ads, huzzah?

A good 99.999 percent of the time, the adverts that run before your dogs sitting on cats video are irrelevant. But every once in a while, an ad hits and you want to know more. Beginning today, Google is making that discovery process way easier. According to the official AdWords blog, the new system is called TrueView. It allows users to not only find out more about pre-roll products but also purchase them directly through the ad. And you thought drunk-buying stuff over the internet was easy enough already.

As the post explains,

Thanks to the first-ever integration of the Google Merchant Center (GMC) into video ads, advertisers need only connect their campaign with a Merchant Center feed to dynamically add products to their in-stream videos, customized for each user through contextual and audience signals like geography and demographic info.

Basically that means advertisers will be able to serve up better, more relevant ads to users based on where they live and what they're into. The new service is built upon the same-named TrueView cards that Google rolled out last month. However, this new version allows advertisers to link directly to the product information/purchase pages for each ad. What's more, retailers can also upload their product offerings to the GMC and have the system link out to pages automatically based on the "contextual signals" described above. The program launched today and will slowly be rolling out to advertisers over the next few months.

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