Lizard Squad member pleads guilty to harassing women gamers

The co-called Lizard Squad have established that they're pretty terrible people, but one of the members has hit a sad new low. A 17-year old Canadian has pleaded guilty to 23 separate offenses against mostly young, female gamers, including extortion and criminal harassment, according to the Tri-City News. The teenager (who can't be named because of his age) outed victims' financial information online, placed false orders for services and repeatedly swatted victims, among other crimes. He reportedly targeted most of his victims on Twitter and while playing League of Legends.

In one high-profile incident, he called in a false police report on an Arizona student "claiming he had shot (her) parents with an AR15 rifle," according to the article. As a result of that incident, police removed several members of the family at gunpoint and the victim eventually withdrew from University out of fear for her safety. The perpetrator harassed others elsewhere with a similar modus operandi, mostly targeting female gamers who spurned his friend requests.

The user -- who went by the handle "obnoxious" on LoL -- was caught when he posted an eight-hour swatting livestream on YouTube. He was arrested some eight days later thanks to tips to local authorities in British Columbia and admitted to numerous offenses, including harassment, extortion and uttering threats. He's been ordered by a judge to undergo a psychiatric examination, and sentencing will continue next month.