You won't need waves with this $20,000 electric surfboard

If you want to surf, but are too lazy to paddle or look for waves, the Wakejet Cruise from Swedish outfit Radinn is for you! The company says it "marries the agility and speed of wakeboarding with the freedom of surfing," but that doesn't mean you can take the electric-powered craft lightly. It cruises along at a rather insane 28mph for a full half-hour on a single charge -- or up to an hour if you're willing to go slower. That's about the same speed as a water skier, meaning that unlike seated watercraft, it'll require your full attention, along with some skill and athleticism.

You control the speed with a hand-held remote, and can recharge the built-in battery in about an hour when you're done. The carbon and kevlar board also has a mobile app, built-in GPS and magnetic safety switches. Radinn's wakejet is hardly the first product like this, but with the relatively short recharge time and long range, it's probably the most practical -- and expensive! It's on pre-order with a Q2 2015 delivery for a mere $20,000 or so, except that other one-percenters already snapped up the first run. Luckily, the next batch is available in Q3.