JXE Streams: 'Splatoon' seduces us with squids and squirt guns

I couldn't resist Nintendo's Splatoon when I saw it for the first time at E3 2014. Squids with squirt guns locked in a summery battle to cover skate parks in neon ink? With a premise so weird and wonderful all on its own, I probably would have loved it even if those early demoes weren't fun as hell. Splatoon will finally be available to purchase this week but JXE Streams is going to give you one last early look at its single and multiplayer modes as well as its wee amiibo on today's show at 3:30PM ET.

Tune in right here in this post and to watch the stream. You can also fire up if you want to chat with the Engadget crew while we play through a solid chunk of Splatoon. How do you level up your little squid and get new gear? What's the campaign like? We'll answer all those questions and more starting at 3:30PM ET.

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[We're streaming a digital copy of Splatoon via an Elgato HD through OBS at 720p.]