Android TV will display video apps as traditional channels

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Android TV will display video apps as traditional channels

For Android TV, 2015 could turn out to be a breakout year -- at least that's what Google hopes. But how does the search giant plan to reach those heights? One way is by expanding its home entertainment platform's support for live TV programming, with a new feature called Android Channels. What this lets users to do is view video-streaming apps on the same program guide as traditional channels, including those from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and other broadcast networks. If you're familiar with the Xbox One, you'd know that Microsoft's console offers similar functionality.

Either way, don't expect all of your favorite internet video apps to be a part of Android Channels -- not yet, anyway. According to Variety, so far Google's only partnered up with AOL, Bloomberg, TED, The Huffington Post, Pluto, Vevo and European streaming video service Zattoo. Still, chances are it won't be long before more applications start showing up on Android TV's newly minted "TV" guide.

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