JXE Streams: Join us for some 'Affordable Space Adventures'

KnapNok Games gets what Richard Branson doesn't. Of course people want to hang out in space, but they definitely don't want to pay top dollar to do it! So rather than drop $200,000 on a Virgin Galactic reservation, why not fire up your Wii U for some Affordable Space Adventures? The game simulates the existential nightmare of getting trapped on a foreign planet as well as makes novel use of the console's unique tablet controller. It's win-win! Join us at 3:30PM ET today for a live tour of the game on JXE Streams.

Tune in right here, at and on to catch 90 straight minutes of poor ship piloting and space madness.

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[We're streaming Affordable Space Adventures through an Elgato HD via OBS at 720p.]