NVIDIA's G-Sync brings smoother graphics to gaming laptops

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Steve Dent
June 1, 2015 6:46 AM
NVIDIA's G-Sync brings smoother graphics to gaming laptops

NVIDIA's G-Sync promised to kill a lot of gaming issues like lag and stutter on desktop PCs, but you need both a supported graphics card and monitor to make it work. However, that's obviously not an issue for laptops, and NVIDIA has just announced G-Sync support for several high-end gaming notebooks. It certified models using the latest 960M, 965M, 970M and 980M discreet mobile graphics chips, including the 17.3-inch ASUS G751, the Aorus X5, the MSI GT72 G and two 4K laptops from Clevo.

Those G-sync-enabled gaming laptops feature screens approved by NVIDIA with 75Hz refresh rates designed to cut tearing, input lag, stuttering and other problems. You'll also get a few new features like windowed mode for for borderless gaming and the ability to customize your refresh rates. If you've got one of those models (or are thinking of getting one), here's the best part: the new feature is now available with NVIDIA's latest drivers.

The Clevo P770ZM-G 17.3-inch gaming laptop with NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics
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