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Acer's smart diaper sniffs out baby troubles

Ever since the introduction of the Edison, Intel's been actively pitching this tiny computer module to makers by way of workshops and hackathons. At Computex, the chip giant took the opportunity to show off the latest round of hacks based on its $50 kit, and we were amused by one particular demo: the DiaperPie*, a smart diaper solution created by four Acer engineers. The module -- which will be the size of a coin if Acer commercializes it -- sits inside a regular diaper and is able to monitor a baby's temperature plus sleeping posture, as well as detecting the presence of pee (moisture) and poo (methane) in the diaper. The data is logged on both the app (via Bluetooth LE) and the cloud, and if the baby needs attention, you'll get a notification. Given that we haven't heard much about the previous smart diaper attempt, it'd be cool to see Acer realize this project.

*Ted plush not included.