Google boosts employee diversity but is still mostly white guys

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Andrew Tarantola
June 2, 2015 7:26 AM
Google boosts employee diversity but is still mostly white guys

As of the start of this year, 53,600 people work for Google full-time. Too many of those workers, according to the company's detractors and its own assessment a year ago, are male, and white or Asian. In order to counter this gap, Google has looked for ways to boost female and minority hiring. Per its just updated diversity report, 21 percent of the company's technical hires last year were female. However that translates into just a 1 percent increase in the total number of women hired to technical positions. Women in general constitute just 30 percent of Google's employees. Additionally, the onboarding rates for both Black and Hispanic hires increased faster than the company's overall growth for the year but still only constitute 2 and 3 percent of the company's entire workforce, respectively.

Those numbers don't sound like much progress because, well, they aren't. Google called the results "early" and points to the efforts it's undertaking, like spending millions to increase the number of technologists, change the corporate culture and recruit from a more diverse pool of sources. The company says it will keep working to "build a workforce more reflective of the diversity of people we serve", even if the results haven't shown up on the stat sheets just yet.

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