Hornby's KitStarter lets fans crowdfund vintage model sets

Hornby Model Trains To Rescue Airfix Planes

Hornby, a British company that makes detailed model trains, plastic build-it-yourself toolkits and die-cast collectibles, wants to bring back some of its classic sets. To do so, it's launching a Kickstarter-style site called KitStarter that lets Airfix fans pledge their interest for old and out of production models. Once a set receives enough support from backers, Hornby will trigger a two-week "last orders" period and then put the kit back into limited production. To begin with, the company is starting small with two bird-themed kits -- Bluetits and Bullfinches -- that were originally produced in the 1970s. Hornby plans to add new vintage sets over time and is encouraging fans to submit their most-wanted recommendations in the forums. So if you've ever regretted not completing a particular Airfix collection, this could be your opportunity to finally pick up some missing sets.

[Image Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images