Quick Charge 2.0 is coming to USB charging stations

Isn't it annoying when some smartphones boast Quick Charge 2.0 but only come with a regular USB charger? Given the option, we'd rather spend the money on something more practical, like a multi-port USB charging station that supports Quick Charge. And yes, we managed to stumble upon one at Computex, courtesy of Hong Kong's Magic-Pro. The Power Station Super 4 comes with -- you guessed it -- four USB ports, two of which can automatically switch to either 9V or 12V for faster charging on compatible devices, while the third port offers the common 5V/2.4A output, and the last one does 5V/3A as the company anticipates a new wave of tablets that can take the higher current. Better yet, the hub comes with a car charger and a Quick Charge 2.0-friendly micro-USB data cable, so not bad at all for a $65 package. Expect this to hit the markets at around the end of this month.

Magic-Pro Charging Station Cube CS-CUBE

For those who want a smaller USB station with ample power output, Magic-Pro's Charging Station Cube comes in at just 50 x 50 x 41 mm, but still offers four ports: two with dedicated 2.4A each, and two with 1A each. This is due to launch in pink, white and blue later this month for about $35.

Magic-Pro Power Station 10+ PS-10+

Last but not least, we spotted this beast alongside the other minions on the table. Like its predecessor, the Power Station 10+ comes with 10 USB ports, but instead of delivering just 1A to each, you get a generous 2.4A even when all ports are occupied! Alas, there's no price nor date just yet.