Periscope for iOS lets you scour the globe for livestreams

Part of the appeal of Periscope is watching streams from complete strangers. Sure, your friend's tour of their office is compelling, but it's nothing compared to video streamed from inside North Korea. To make it easier to find livestreams the other part of the world or just down the street, Twitter has updated the iOS version of the app with a map view. Livestreams show up as red pins above a geographic region. Once you find an individual or clusters of pins you're interested in in viewing, pinch to zoom in and tap for information about those feeds. If you're not a fan of circumnavigating the globe with your finger, the global feed list is still available. Periscope also updated the replay feature so broadcasters no longer have to upload a video when they finish livestreaming. Those videos are now instantly available for viewing. Finally, you can share streams you're watching directly to Twitter instead of just to fellow Periscope users. It shouldn't too long before these new features pop up in the recently launched Android version of the app.