Apple Music vs. the competition: A streaming music cheat sheet

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Apple Music

The past few years have seen a shift from owning music to accessing as much as you want on various streaming services. Why pay $9.99 for a new album each month when you can get a firehose of content for the same price? Now Apple looks to get in on the action with its newest offering, Apple Music. They made a big splash with the introduction of the iTunes store in 2003 but here in 2015 there's a lot more competition for your listening attention. Does Apple Music have what it takes to stand out from its more established rivals? We've stacked up some of the bigger names to see which one can give you the most for your money.

Apple Music Spotify Rdio Google Play Music
Monthly fee Individual:
$14.99 and up
$14.99 and up
Unlimited: $9.99
Free version available No Yes Yes No
Number of songs Over 30 million Over 30 million Over 32 million Over 30 million
Audio quality NA 320kbps 320kbps Up to 320kbps
Radio Yes (human-driven) Yes (automated) Yes (automated) Yes (automated)
Video content Yes Yes No Yes
Exclusive content Yes Yes Yes Yes
Curated playlists Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offline listening Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online media storage Yes No No Yes
Social features NA Yes Yes Yes
Desktop apps Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac Web only
Mobile apps iOS, Android (coming fall 2015) iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android

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