​In Case You Missed It: We've got a new daily show!

In Case You Missed It Teaser

In Case You Missed It is a quirky clip show hosted by Kerry Davis, debuting on Engadget Tuesday, June 16th, 2015.

If you're like me, there's never enough time to read the things I saved to Pocket, catch up on cat memes and peruse all those shade throwin' campaign tweets. Some social media platforms I've had to straight give up on, despite having a Snapchat friend who creates marvelous fruit headdresses with the paint function.

There's just not enough time for all my connected interests and I know I'm not alone.

That's why I'm stoked to host Engadget's new daily clip show, designed to bring you the quirky, interesting stories that get buried by the biggest headlines. (Unless it's a cool robot. We will always show the cool robot.)

Join us daily (and you should!) and you'll get the most entertaining internet lifestyle funk, space and tech news there is. We'll round out each week's show with a headline blast to bring you the big stories you would have noticed, had you not been living your life / getting drunk in Mexico.

Our first show premieres on June 16th and we want to hear what you think! So get at us on Twitter @engadget or @mskerryd and let us know.