JXE Streams: Come revisit 'Fallout 3' after the 'Fallout 4' bomb

When the Fallout 4 trailer dropped on the world last week, irradiating ravenous explorers anxious to return to the series' wastes with fresh hope, it drove something home: Fallout 3 was awesome. Has it really been seven years since Bethesda reimagined the post-apocalyptic satire as a modern, first-person adventure? Has it been so long since Liam Neeson raised us in a post-nuclear war underground vault? Most importantly: does it still hold up? In order to answer that final question, we're streaming Fallout 3 today at 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT.

Tune into this post or to watch the whole shebang. Speaking of things that go bang, if you watch over at you can help us decide in the chat whether or not to blow up the town of Megaton in the game!

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[We're streaming a retail copy of Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 at 720p through an Elgato HD via OBS.]