Your 'Fallout 4' PC mods will work fine on the Xbox One, too

Take a quick tour of YouTube and it'll become clear that PC gamers get to have more utterly ridiculous fun since their games are so much easier to mod. Wanna fire cars out of a gun? Simple. How about turning Skyrim's dragons into monstrous, angry former wrestlers? You get we're going with this (and that video is definitely worth a watch). Anyway, Bethesda is working on bridging that cross-platform insanity gap with the upcoming release of Fallout 4 — director Todd Howard just confirmed that mods made for the PC version of the game can be "transferred, played and shared for free" on the Xbox One.

In fairness, the game doesn't hit shelves -- either physical ones or those pesky, metaphorical digital ones -- until November 10th, but it's a welcome change that Howard apparently spent ages lobbying for. It's really no wonder why. Mods have this wonderful tendency to build on existing experiences and turn games that would've otherwise been forgotten when the next AAA game rolled out into thoughtful, ludicrous worlds that can keep people coming back months and years after purchase. (Hell, your humble author still mucks around in Just Cause 2 because the lure of flying around a faux-South Pacific island and nuking despotic statues can only be resisted for so long). The quick tour we got of the new Fallout world seems plenty meaty enough to savor even without mods, so let's hope those creators cook up some seriously peculiar stuff to bake into our favorite post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Update: Todd Howard just sat down on YouTube's E3 stage and shed a little more light on how this is all going to work. The Creation kit -- the bit that actually lets you create additional content for Fallout 4 -- will probably be available in early 2016 and not when the game launches in November. He also expressed hope that mod support would come to the PS4 version of the game too, and we're now wondering if any backroom wrangling went into that.

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