AMD's latest video cards include a liquid-cooled beast, the R9 Fury X

Only a few weeks after NVIDIA debuted its latest high-end card, the GTX 980 Ti, AMD is now showing off its latest wares. And if you're looking for a powerful video card, your decision just got a lot more complicated. Leading the pack is AMD's new R9 Fury X, a liquid-cooled powerhouse with the company's new "Fiji" GPU design and highest-bandwidth memory technology. At $649, it's going head-to-head with NVIDIA's 980 Ti. But if you don't need all that power, there's also the Radeon R9 390X ($429), R9 390 ($329), and R9 380 ($199), all of which offer Direct X 12 support (making them ideal for Windows 10) and enough power to let you game in 4K (though we'd imagine that'd be a stretch with the cheaper entry). And if you're just looking something affordable, there's also the R7 370 ($149) and R7 360 ($109), which are more focused on delivering solid 1080p gaming.

Just like NVIDIA, AMD now has new cards for just about every gaming price point. If you've got the dough and care about getting as much graphics power as possible, the R9 Fury X is made for you. If you want the most bang for your buck, the $329 R9 390 might be your best investment (it's also the same price as NVIDIA's GTX 970). AMD isn't divulging technical details around the new cards yet, but we're expecting to hear more later this week.