Google wants you to follow hot search trends in real time

Google's office in Brussels

Never mind waiting until after the fact to find out what people are searching for online -- Google wants you to know what's hot right fricking now. The internet giant has introduced real-time tracking to Google Trends, so you can follow a search frenzy as it happens. If you want to know which basketball team is dominating the buzz over the past hour (spoiler: it's the Golden State Warriors), you just have to narrow the scope accordingly to see a minute-by-minute graph. The trend page has also been redesigned to put a bigger emphasis on the latest stories, and you can dive deeper into niche subjects and specific regions. Yes, you're still looking at charts, but this refresh at least gives you a good excuse to visit Google Trends more than once in a blue moon.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Virginia Mayo]

Google Trends with real-time data