Intel buys Recon, makers of the 'Google Glass for fitness'

Recon Instruments is famous for two things: building the technology behind Oakley's Airwave and the Recon Jet head-worn fitness wearable. The company has had a close relationship with Intel ever since the chip firm's venture-capital arm threw cash at the business back in 2013. Now, however, Intel has decided that closer ties are in order, and has decided to swallow the Canadian firm wholesale in a deal that TechVibes believes is worth around $175 million.

It's a big deal with both businesses, since Intel has a ready-made entry into the head-mounted wearables firm with a convincing alternative to Google Glass. Meanwhile, Recon can take advantage of its new owner's hardware expertise, manufacturing and cash reserves to develop even more exciting devices. Right now, the pair are giving each other some hearty pats on the back, but expect Intel to start pushing head-mounted computing in a big way.