V-Moda's 3D-printed headphones can cost you up to $40,000

From clothing to food, 3D-printed consumer goods are still hit or miss at this point. Even so, that hasn't stopped companies from trying to capitalize on the novelty of it. The latest to do so is audio outfit V-Moda, which has revealed plans to use new components for customization purposes. Starting today, V-Moda will let users personalize its XS and Crossfade M-100 headphones with 3D-printed shields made of different materials, such as fiber, stainless steel, sterling silver, solid 14 karat gold and platinum.

Don't let that $40,000 price tag mentioned above scare you, though, as that's only for the platinum; the 3D-printed fiber and stainless steel parts are expected to be sold for $40 and $100, respectively, depending on the style of your headphones. V-Moda says it'll be making the program more robust in the future, so you can expect additional color and material options to be available in the future.