YouTube's multi-angle video meets Boeing's acrobatic 787 flight

At the Paris Air Show earlier this week, Boeing showed off a few of its 787-9 Dreamliner's tricks, including a near vertical takeoff. This new YouTube video shows the flight demo from several angles: one has the fuel-efficient plane in full view, another gives you the chance to watch what went on inside the cockpit and the last one shows the flight from the plane's perspective. YouTube launched multiple camera angles as an experimental feature earlier this year, making the option available to select users. It uses an algorithm that syncs all the angles as you play the video, and you only have to either click on any of them or press their respective numbers on the keyboard to switch views.

The transitions were pretty smooth during our tests, so long as you allow the video to load a bit first before hitting play. However, the feature's only accessible from computers, doesn't work on mobile devices yet and isn't ready to be embedded (you can see the regular vid below, but click here for the multi-angle version). Couldn't care less about planes? Jamie Oliver's Food Tube also has a Choose Your View video, if you'd rather learn how to cook beer-battered corn dogs like a pro.