Targeted, interactive ads are coming to the Roku platform

Roku and advertising firm Innovid have joined forces to make advertisements on the company's streaming set-top boxes both more accurate and more entertaining. The new ad format will reportedly allow viewers to do things like play games (using the Roku remote), browse a retailer's stock and current sales, or even watch extended videos should they wish. Unfortunately, skipping the ads entirely doesn't appear to be an available option just yet. CBS, VEVO and Crackle have already signed on for the new service. Roku and Innovid actually began implementing this new system just over a month ago, however, it's only now going live. This news follows a pair of recent announcements from Roku that both Showtime and Nickelodeon are being made available to its users as well. What's more, the Innovid pairing will also allow advertisers to better target their desired audiences based on the user's location.