Hulu hooks up with Showtime to make internet TV more like cable

Showtime is following HBO's lead and launching an internet-only version of its service in July, but cutting the cable doesn't mean the bundle is going away. In a first for Hulu, it's adding the network as a premium option similar to the way it's offered with cable TV. While Showtime by itself will be available for $11 per month on Apple TV, Roku or PlayStation Vue, $8 per month Hulu subscribers (no Plus, it dropped that name a few weeks ago) can add it for $9 and stream the network's stuff to anywhere they usually watch Hulu.

This July, get @SHO_Network through #hulu w/o a cable subscription. This changes everything:

— hulu (@hulu) June 23, 2015

Knocking a couple of bucks off the monthly fee is good if you already have both services, but it will be interesting to see how receptive the cord-cutting crowd is to this model. One thing you won't have to worry about though, is commercials -- Showtime on Hulu will be commercial free. CEO of Showtime Matthew Blank says he's excited to put the first premium service on Hulu, leading us to wonder which one might be next? HBO and Amazon already have a deal, and most channels are busy competing with Netflix, so offering some easy team-ups maybe a good niche for Hulu. There's still no specific launch date for Showtime's internet service, but it is promised before the season premieres for Masters of Sex and Ray Donavan on July 12th.