#ICYMI: A cockroach robot, new half-boat drones and more

ICYMI: A Cockroach Robot, New Half-Boat Drones and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: The tiny robot that's modeled after cockroaches because science is disgusting; the family-friendly tech gadget to teach your two-year-old to call her grandma, if only you didn't have to install the corresponding app on your Mom's phone; and Parrot's new drones include a hydrofoil option, for the sailors who know how cool that is. (If you don't, check out this physics explainer for how a hydrofoil gives speed and rad points.)

From the cutting room floor: We wanted to do a story on Instagram revamping its app to let you more easily follow trends just so I could do a fakecation visual joke-- but a producer voted me down. Is it so wrong that I long to be on a beach with a giant pineapple drink, even if it's Photoshopped?

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