IFTTT's automation app can watch your Android phone's battery

IF for Android with a battery recipe

Thanks to a slew of updates, IFTTT's automation apps just became decidedly more useful -- especially if you're religious about your smartphone's battery. If for Android now includes a battery channel, so you can tell your phone to perform certain duties depending on your charge state. You can have the app mute your phone as soon as you plug it in, for instance. Also, the existing device channel now works with Bluetooth, music, navigation and WiFi, so you can turn off wireless features when your power is low or get directions to your favorite fishing spot every weekend.

The company's task-starting Do apps for both Android and iOS are getting tangible upgrades, too. They now handle an unlimited number of instruction sets, offer personalized recommendations and (on Android) give you floating action buttons. And if you're anxious about the security of IFTTT itself, you'll be happy to know that the developer has added two-factor authentication so that intruders are less likely to hijack your account. All told, there's plenty here to keep you (or rather, your devices) busy.