FLIR's thermal camera is out for iOS, Android to follow

That second-gen FLIR One thermal camera we saw earlier this year is now available for iPhones and iPads, with the Android version shipping in July. If the last time you've heard about it was back in 2014, this might come as a surprise, as the first-gen camera was embedded in an iPhone 5/5s case. This one is is a standalone accessory with a built-in battery that attaches to iOS devices via a Lightning connector and to Android phones and tablets via microUSB. It also has an updated thermal camera with four times the resolution of the one inside the first-gen cases.

You can use thermal cameras like this to survey your home and make sure there are no warm/cold air leaks that could affect your electricity or heating bill. It can also help you spot smoldering coals or small fires, in case you smell something burning and can't figure out where it's coming from. By the way, if you're a developer, keep an eye out for iOS and Android SDKs that you can use to create apps for the device. Otherwise, you can buy or pre-order the new FLIR One right now for $250 and the old cases for $150, if you don't mind their lower resolution.