OnePlus is giving away Google Cardboard for $0 plus shipping (update: out of stock)

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OnePlus is giving away Google Cardboard for $0 plus shipping (update: out of stock)

Well, this is one way for an up-and-coming company to get people's attention. OnePlus, the Chinese manufacturer best-known for making a cheap handset with surprisingly good specs, is about to launch its second-generation phone, and to get folks pumped up, it's selling a modified version of Google's Cardboard virtual reality headset. Make that: "giving away." The headset is free, plus a $5 shipping charge, making it a great deal, even for what's already marketed as a cheap way to experience VR. All told, it's very similar to the second-gen version of Cardboard unveiled at Google I/O a month ago, except this particular iteration is made of a thicker material, is 20 percent smaller and is coated in a dirt- and oil-resistant film, according to TechCrunch.

The headset ships next week, on July 10th, and once it arrives, OnePlus is hoping you'll use it to watch the global debut of the OnePlus One 2 on July 27th. To order, you'll first need to create a OnePlus account, though it's OK if you aren't already a current OnePlus One owner. Be warned, though: When I tried to order one, I initially saw it listed as out of stock, even after I added it to my cart. If that happens to you, just be persistent -- after refreshing the page, I was able to enter my credit card info. Happy shopping, folks.

Update, 6:58pm ET: Snooze you lose, folks. The store appears to be out of stock, at least for now.

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