OnePlus says its next flagship won't overheat, despite what you heard

"Today, I am proud to share with you that our eagerly-awaited OnePlus 2 will come loaded with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1," starts the blog post from OnePlus. Color us not surprised that the sequel to one of the most sought-after Android phones will come with, well, the processor you expected it to (bar those pesky overheating rumors). What's more interesting is that ".1" hanging off the end of the processor's version number. OnePlus goes on to explain that it worked directly with Qualcomm to create an "improved" version of the CPU. One the phone-maker claims won't get hot like reports suggest.

OnePlus doesn't give too much away about what changes have been made, but we do know that thermal gel and graphite have been slathered liberally inside the handset to further dissipate any excess heat, and that in testing the phone meets "industry standards" for running temperatures. The OxygenOS software has also been optimized for the new CPU, with bespoke task management for better performance. If you were hoping for any more tidbits on the OnePlus 2, then where have you been? OnePlus is way too fond of keeping us wanting, to change now.