OnePlus finally drops invites, but only until its next flagship launches

Now that it's been on the market a full year, you can finally buy a OnePlus One without an invitation. Sound familiar? The company has opened up sales on the well-liked, $300 smartphone for brief periods before, but today said that "the One will be available without an invite. Forever." Calling the reviled invitation system a "fascinating, evolving experiment," the company admitted that "feelings toward (it) vary, and we understand that." In the same breath, however, it revealed that its next model, the OnePlus Two "will initially launch with invites."

Nobody will be thrilled to hear that, but OnePlus said the invitation system helps it "manage (the) risks... that come along with a brand new product." The company also alluded to "a few bumps" on the road to marketing the One, which no doubt include some badly thought-out promotions and issues in India with its partner, Cyanogen. Despite all that, the phone -- which is made at Chinese handset maker Oppo's facilities -- has managed to sell over a million units. If you're interested in finally getting it without jumping through hoops, OnePlus is also offering flip covers and other accessories at 75 percent off.