'Mega Man' creator wants your help making a game-and-movie combo

Mighty No. 9 might not even be out the door, but Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is already looking for your help with a new project -- and this one is considerably more ambitious. His studio has launched crowdfunding for Red Ash, a project that combines both an open world action game (The Indelible Legend) and an anime movie from Studio4ºC (Magicicada). While both will share familiar characters and the theme of treasure hunting in a robot apocalypse, they'll otherwise be set in "parallel worlds" where the producers are free to tell whatever stories they want.

As with Mighty, there are a lot of pledge options that sometimes let you directly shape either project. It'll take a minimum $25 pledge to get the game, or $24 for the movie; plunk down at least $499 and you can start creating achievements, naming items and more. Studio4ºC is even willing to accept fresh ideas for free, and it'll give you a small reward if your vision makes it into the anime. Neither Red Ash effort is expected to ship until July 2017 if everything goes according to plan. However, this is a rare chance at jumpstarting an entire media universe masterminded by a team of video game pioneers -- it might be worth a close look.